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Export assistance

We were born to be a single interlocutor able to respond to the export, marketing and communication needs of wineries, offering specific and calibrated services. We are a network of professionals, who work in synergy, able to offer an almost complete service and expressly oriented on the needs and objectives of the customer - winemaker. Identifying opportunities is within the reach of many, but knowing how to exploit them is quite another. To do this, we offer small and medium-sized companies the necessary and essential international expertise and experience to grow by exporting. We study ad hoc strategies for individual markets, we select and contact importers, distributors and buyers, we support customers in commercial negotiations and in the pre and post sales process, we support them in participating in fairs and events through the management of appointments for the creation of new business contacts… and much more.

Export consultants

Technical and operational consultancy in the export sector: drafting of plans for the export of wine, identification of buyers, risk management, legal assistance for documentation and contracts, creation of promotional tools on the web ... To find out more, read the in-depth analysis follow the link below, but also our news.
The experience in commercializing high quality wines has allowed us to deepen the strategic dynamics of international markets. One of our assets is to be able to select and offer an excellent distribution of wines from the most prestigious Italian production areas in terms of quality, good service, proper administration and a perfect logistics system. We are present in Asia, Northern Europe and Scandinavian countries, North America.
Vino & Mercati, commercial and export consultancy for wineries. Image 2
Vino & Mercati, commercial and export consultancy for wineries. image 1


We work alongside agri-food companies and wineries, guiding them through every single process aimed at entering a new market.


Export to Asia, Scandinavian countries, North America: we are active in three different continents, where we work to spread the most authentic flavor of our country.


We carry out cost / benefit analyzes and provide insights into the markets of interest. We inform you about standards and certifications. We will concretely help you to position yourself in new markets.


We cater to small and medium-sized companies that make quality productions which, having limited resources, need to allocate them efficiently, avoiding errors and waste.


Exports are now an indispensable lever for the growth of every winery


Expanding the vocabulary of Made in Italy is the challenge that they will have to face in the coming years to become or remain competitive on the markets. Each producer knows well how Italy and its products are famous and appreciated around the world for the intrinsic quality that comes from history, traditions, and the culture that distinguishes us. But now this risks to do not be enough, since there are realities with similar characteristics that are perceived better than us abroad, often artfully constructed within a more convincing and often winning narrative. This is why it is essential to be able to make the most of our entrepreneurial realities, which go beyond the borders that are traditionally recognized to us.

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