Vino & Mercati: about us. Andrea Paglietti and Paolo Calvi

We are qualified and experienced consultants who offer comprehensive support to wine entrepreneurs.

Marketing, coordinated image, oenology, plants, cellar, export, drafting of investment, financial and management plans, identification of buyers, risk management, legal assistance for documentation and contracts ... We are a growing reality and we take care to value and aggregate always new professionals in order to offer the most solid service, at the same time as lean as possible.

Agronomic consultancy

From a few rows to important vineyards

We provide technical advice on new plants, on the management of production costs and on business organization; as well as on the management of the vineyard during the year and according to the objectives. Advice throughout the harvest phase. And also on the choice of machinery and equipment in the countryside and on investment planning, as well as staff training.

Design, packaging, web...

The style of the wine is also in the appearance

We offer extensive and effective consulting in packaging design and regarding the most diverse communication strategies and activities, helping you to find optimal ways and forms to distinguish yourself through a clear and visible image. While boasting thirty years of experience in the graphics sector, we prefer new media and in particular the web, for which we are able to offer truly effective innovative solutions.

Oenological consultancy

Assistance in the vinification phase, but not only

Technical consultancy on cellar design, production cost management and business organization, choice of cellar equipment and investment planning. Management of transformation processes, management of natural or induced fermentation, management of malolactic fermentation, management of refermentations in the case of sparkling wines, management of refinement and more in detail of all cellar operations. Advice on the stylistic choice of wines.

Italian and foreign market

We help you find valid commercial outlets

We are among the few to offer a service that is truly calibrated on your productive and effective activity to connect your company to different commercial platforms - existing or under construction - through which to propose your product to new buyers on different markets. Through our professional assessments, we help you understand and carry out the necessary steps for a new commercial approach as well as for a repositioning.

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